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Saint Kasper Remny Rodhan the Third @CasperTheRamKnight

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in year 4, The Continent-Isle of Ouroboros Suffered numerous attacks and invasion attempts from Warring Armies coming from the sea, Extremist Cultists who praised the 8th Angel came to the land, killing every single villager and stealing their worshipping catacombs, Landsharks were able to land their armies on the shores of Ouroboros, Pillaging and Sieging with no Sign of diplomacy, The Invasion lasted 12 months, Landsharks were repelled when the population of The Regions inside Ouroboros Decided to counter-attack directly the fleet, Some of the known belligerents leading the armies were Knight-Saint Casper Remny, The Aethel of Ouroboros, Earl Eadwulf of Meelbrow, and Nabeel Bagher of Southern Ouroborea, Saint Andrew's Black Horde and the East Ouroborean Commonwealth.

Casper Remny The Third was Leading alongside the Earl of Meelbrow the Northern Regions, such as Northern Ariette Kingdom, and Principality of Meelbrow, The Landsharks were repelled succesfully from the island, Only a very small fleet exist, all of their fighting units were destroyed, and the ships that were stuck at the torn down metal-comb were used to rebuilt part of the villages, Northern Ariette and Meelbrow now are just swarmed with Cultists and Mercenaries.

The Aethel of Ouroboros, Formelly, The Lord and Noble King by the Throne has gathered the biggest army seen since the fall of the former Kingdom before the Rapture and Death of The Lyndwum that gave the Isle its name, He equipped his army with weapons captured from the outside such as Muskets and Carbines, instead of arquebusses, Alongside with Captured re-utilised landshark plate armor.

Surprisingly, it is one of the few times it is known what the Aethel of Ouroboros has done, being usually secretive about himself and the Unnamed Capital of Ouroboros.

Nabeel Bagher of Raelen was able to repell the Waging Mercenaries hired by Cultists and Landsharks that were scorching the Southern Areas of his Reign, using a mixture of gasoline in granades and boiling oil for his keep,

Also using the Necromancy undead that swarmed the walls of Raelen aganist the landshark, killing them by disease and famine, solving two issues at once.

After the Attacks

Cultists Were Mostly Repelled, They swarm abandoned Catacombs and Buildings left by the Ancient Empire that used to roam Ouroboros steppes, they hire mercenaries to do their deeds now

Landsharks were fully repelled off as we know from the island, only a small fleet of it exists around the coast, still retreating to the hellhole they came from, a lot of their technology was abandoned, it is known that their armor was made specifically designed to survive the island, they knew what they were doing.

Their weapons arent as sharp or resistant as the ones made with Ores in the island-continent, it is speculated that this is the reason they keep invading, it is confirmed their technology is surely ahead of the population, their firearms are lighter, but they dont punch as strong,

It is known that the cultists and landsharks are not from the same place, cultists look nothing like landsharks, and it is confirmed of them fighting eachother in the first days of the invasion

Demons were able to reach the existencial plain of Ariette, Cursing certain marked sites and statues

Shortly after the 12th invasion ended, Ouroboros suffered another rain that lasted 6 months, devastating even more the land on its shore regions and destroying even more pillaged villages

a High Casuality rate was given, with it Revenants and the Undead Wierdgangers started Roaming the land, usually in abandoned villages or in open graves, People that commited suicide were later born as nachzehers, some of them eat these open graves before the dead can be reanimated by the diseases and spirits.

Meelbrow and Northern Ariette suffered a lot with that, Forcing meelbrow to rally their army and mercenaries towards Northern Ariette, What they didn't expect was Casper's Retalliation, Killing and Purging most of the villages from the unclean, and Eventually taking the life of the Earl of Meelbrow, Giving a open space for the Former Meelbrow Family to take Control on the region they were exiled from.

Saint Andrew's Land is in Distress.


Depiction of The Sunflower Campaign, the 7th and 10th Invasion of the Landsharks in Former Duchy of Ariette.


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